The peoples of East Anglia are well known for their quarrelsome ways. From Hereward The Wake to Kett's Rebellion and Cromwell, the 'Fen Tigers' have had cause to remind Parliaments & Kings that they ultimately govern by consent of the people. No surprise then, when in 2016 when it became the crucible for Brexit with some areas recording over a 70% vote for leaving the EU. Dismissed as a place of bigots & 'low information people' by some this ongoing project looks at daily life beyond the soundbite in the place which William the Conqueror referred to as 'that most disputatious part of England'.

EU Mural

Remain voter Bren Goillon finishing a mural of the EU flag on his house watched by his dog Flint. The lumberjack from Helhoughton in Norfolk painted the flag to express his disappointed with the Referendum result and replaced one of the twelve stars with a tear. He was later asked to remove it by the council.

Kings Lynn Mart 2017

Teenage Girls at Kings Lynn Mart 2017

The Cabbage Harvest

Migrant workers harvesting cabbages near Boston, Lincolnshire during a rainstorm.

Great Yarmouth

St Nicholas Tavern, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,UK

Niqab Crow

A scarecrow with a niqab in a field of wheat.

Human Trafficking Raids

Cambridgeshire police and immigration officials questioning a man during a raid on a roadside car washing business. People on the premises were found to be working ten hours a day for half the minimum wage and living in 'Dickensian' conditions. Five men and one woman, all of Romanian origin, were taken into voluntary protective custody.

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Woman at car boot sale, Norfolk UK, with dogs.

The Rook

Retired pest controller, Southery, Norfolk.

Bus Pass Elvis

David Bishop, aka Lord Byro of the Bus Pass Elvis Party campainging at the Sleaford & North Hykeham by election, 2016. He received 55 votes.

Tesco Christ

A tesco carrier bag over a gravestone, King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK.

The Royal Family

Trimley carnival in Suffolk.